Friday, August 25, 2006

More on pain

To review what Nishijima Roshi said:

"The ultimate method to overcome pain

(1) Don't have intention to overcome pain.

(2) Don't fear pain emotionally.

(3) Accept pain as it is.

(4) Just endure pain at the present moment."

This turns out to be a litle harder than it sounds, Here is my experiance so far, I saw the Navy Corpsman who said I would not be running for about six weeks, (boo) and the pain seemed nearly unbearable. It hurt enough for me to take the Corpsmans advice and see a real Doctor that afternoon. He in turn told me that I scould not be running for about TEN DAYS. Today my legs feel much beter.
The lesson I have learned from all this it that even though I was trying not to be emotionaly involved with my pain and to accept it as it was it hurt more because of my precived inability to go out and run. Next step? More Zazen!


Blogger Anatman said...

It sounds like what we used to call "shin splints" when I used to run as a young buck. I've heard that it is an issue of under conditioned muscles in the shin area. The pain feels like bone pain, but it is muscle pain.

I no longer run, but I've heard that one way to avoid shin splints is to do exercises that strengthen that muscle. One such exercises is calf-presses where you do not push your feet beyond a 90-degree angle. One way to do this in day-to-day life is to practice walking on your heels. You'll look funny, but you will feel your "shin muscles" getting stronger.

Sorry for the sloppy writing, but I gotta 'run'!

Friday, 25 August, 2006  
Blogger Jordan & The Tortoise said...

anatman, Thank you for your comments. I will try that in about 9 days.

Friday, 25 August, 2006  

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