Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Found, good council!

Well I had nearly given up but I found a place near me that has got it right.
I can not explain with words how happy I am to have found the Portland Buddhist Priory.
I had a talk earlier last week with a Novice Monk and had a good feel for the place. I spoke with the Master today and it only confirmed my thoughts. I feel great about this one. Of course I am going to their obligatory "Intro to our practice" on Thursday but I am truly looking forward to joining a Sanga and getting the truth from without as well as within.

I had been to other Zen centers in the area and they did not feel right to me and I had nearly given up looking. Thanks to good ole Brad Warner I stayed at it. He will probably never see this but, Thanks Brad!

For those of you still looking or that have given up entirely, there is good council out there and yes some of them do have websites!



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