Thursday, September 07, 2006

Class at the Priory

Ok I went to the priory tonight for the intro to our practice and again I found something disturbing, maybe I am totally deluded or in delusion facing delusion, Maybe I am a hungry ghost or angry daemon or even an animal, but my gut tells me that singing, chanting and just about anything we do as Buddhists that dose not transcend all cultures is pretty much just window dressing or worse a distraction from the main truth and saving all sentient beings.

Buddha sat; this was the actualization of Zen. Buddha gave Dharma talks this is the teaching of Buddhism. WHY CAN WE AS BUDDHISTS NOT STICK TO THE BAISICS!!!.

PLEASE tell me there is someone out there who is not trying to church it up.

I believe I do have good council there but I am not sure if I can hang with the whole organ music and singing like a church group thing. Boo!

I am still going to the Priory and am enjoying the benifit of their company. The will to the truth is there, and so am I.


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