Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I fire my weapon

When I fire my weapon, weather or not in the sitting, kneeling, standing or prone position, some things remain constant. I look through the rear sight aperture, line up my target with my front site tip to ensure the front site tip is centered in the rear site aperture, and ensure the front site tip is center mass on my target. Focusing on the target, and not the front site tip, a slow steady squeeze of the trigger. The round will travel down range and either hit or miss the target. If I miss the target I will adjust the windage and elevation knobs of my sights and fire again.
Some people I have come to care about give the impression not to know the function of windage and elevation.
Taking the same stance with the same sights over and over, not making adjustments, and continue to send rounds down range with the same result, missing.

The target is in front of you.



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