Wednesday, September 20, 2006


There is a lot of stuff going around in the blogs I read that I am having a hard time with.
I am not sure if it is my own ego that is judging it or other egos affecting my judgment. Since my confession I have been trying to keep my own comments on teachers in check but I am beginning to go back to Buddha’s final words “be a lamp unto your self”.

It is my understanding that part of the middle way is to try and take the third position.
These internet masters of late seem to be more concerned with them selves than saving all sentient beings. This concerns me. I think the truth is out there but it is getting buried in a bunch of useless delusion. It is my deepest hope and sincere wish that all of these teachers try and get back to the great mater.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oumano Oyako & Yuyaekoyake

After learning Hinamaru I immersed myself in Oumano Oyako by practicing and listining to it in my car on the way to work. there is allot of high register notes on this song and I struggled with it for about two weeks. After I finally got it down pat I moved on to Yuyaekoyake and nailed it on the second try. Kutsuganaru is proving to be a bit more challenging as there are allot of timing changes that I am not accustomed to making. I am sure it wont take two weeks to get down. In about three more songs I will have to start working on my Ri no meri so any help on meri and chumeri and go no ha I can get would be great.

Monday, September 11, 2006


I have recently become aware of my own shortcomings and want to set it straight.

From time to time I find something that dose not fit into my box for what right practice is.
Then I read from the Shobogenzo "Remember, the true real function is beyond the momentary manifestation of sounds and sights, and the real preaching of the Dharma has no set form...If you want to realize the Buddha-nature, you must first get rid of selfish pride” I have indeed been full of selfish pride and resolve to be more open in the future.

While I may not agree with playing organs or charging membership dues, the preaching of the Dharma is what is important. If playing organs, or charging membership dues gets the Dharma out there than go for it. I still think that singing to organ music is not for me and I wont pay to be a part of a Sangha except what I give in dana, but hey that is what I do.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Class at the Priory

Ok I went to the priory tonight for the intro to our practice and again I found something disturbing, maybe I am totally deluded or in delusion facing delusion, Maybe I am a hungry ghost or angry daemon or even an animal, but my gut tells me that singing, chanting and just about anything we do as Buddhists that dose not transcend all cultures is pretty much just window dressing or worse a distraction from the main truth and saving all sentient beings.

Buddha sat; this was the actualization of Zen. Buddha gave Dharma talks this is the teaching of Buddhism. WHY CAN WE AS BUDDHISTS NOT STICK TO THE BAISICS!!!.

PLEASE tell me there is someone out there who is not trying to church it up.

I believe I do have good council there but I am not sure if I can hang with the whole organ music and singing like a church group thing. Boo!

I am still going to the Priory and am enjoying the benifit of their company. The will to the truth is there, and so am I.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Found, good council!

Well I had nearly given up but I found a place near me that has got it right.
I can not explain with words how happy I am to have found the Portland Buddhist Priory.
I had a talk earlier last week with a Novice Monk and had a good feel for the place. I spoke with the Master today and it only confirmed my thoughts. I feel great about this one. Of course I am going to their obligatory "Intro to our practice" on Thursday but I am truly looking forward to joining a Sanga and getting the truth from without as well as within.

I had been to other Zen centers in the area and they did not feel right to me and I had nearly given up looking. Thanks to good ole Brad Warner I stayed at it. He will probably never see this but, Thanks Brad!

For those of you still looking or that have given up entirely, there is good council out there and yes some of them do have websites!